How can OnCare's electronic call monitoring help you?

GPS tagged check in and check out

OnCare's Electronic call monitoring software uses GPS to tag the location of each visit check in and check out.

Care providers can verify that care workers were at the correct client location, therefore ensuring the safety of both clients and care workers.

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Real-time feedback

Care managers can see in real-time if a visit or task has been missed, and respond immediately.

Alerts from care workers can also be picked up by the care manager, who can deal with issues swiftly, and leave an audit trail of notes showing how the issues have been dealt with.

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Friend and family updates

Nominated individuals can be added to each client account to receive real-time updates and alerts about their loved one's care; saving you time and avoiding the need to report back separately to family members.

Friends and family can rest assured that care workers are attending visits at the right time, completing the correct activities and administering prescribed medication when required.

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Voice to text dictation of notes

OnCare's voice dictation technology not only makes it easier and faster for care workers to record care notes, but can also improve the accuracy of documentation when English is not a care workers first language.

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Access records from any location

The OnCare mobile app enables care workers to access client records remotely through password-protected, encrypted logins.

Care notes can be updated at a client’s house or on the go, even when there’s no reception. Any changes made ‘offline’ (without connection to the network) can be saved and uploaded later once the care worker has a connection again.

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Store records on a secure and encrypted cloud-based system

When you enter information in to OnCare, you can be assured that your care records and notes are securely backed up to our cloud servers and can only be accessed with individual staff and care worker logins, additional care worker passcodes, and online-banking levels of data encrypted security.

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Here's how OnCare's electronic call monitoring system provides home care agencies with the ability to track the times, locations and activities of care worker visits.

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