How can OnCare's finance tools help you?

Create a rate sheet

Create as many client charge rates and care worker pay rates as you need to cover all different visit types. Care workers on the same visit can even have different pay rates based on contract or seniority.

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Mileage reports

Generate mileage reports for each of your care workers. These reports will show the typical distances between each scheduled client visit (as provided by Google Maps), and using your own care worker mileage rate, will provide the total amount to pay for each journey.

The bottom of the report then gives the total to pay the care worker for mileage over your chosen date range.

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Apply rates to visits and care worker events

Assign rates to your client's visit plans, visits in your care worker schedules, and to any events like training, sick leave, or holiday.

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Generate payroll and invoicing reports

To generate your payroll or invoicing reports, simply set a date range and the necessary clients or care workers.

Client reports will include an itemised list of all visits, the total cost for each visit, and the final total of all the visits listed. Care worker reports will include both client visits and any care worker events, such as training or holiday.

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Watch OnCare in action

Here's how OnCare's finance tools can help you generate client and care worker payroll and invoicing reports.

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