How can OnCare's body map features help you?

Full body health monitoring

Care workers can select multiple body areas, front or back of the client's body, to leave notes about any observations (injuries, sores or wounds) or to leave notes about client rehabilitation related to the area of the body.

Any skin conditions can also be noted, either against a specific body part or in the 'general notes' section.

Each selected area will be clearly marked, making it easier to identify the differences between new observations, versus known ailments.

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Detailed notes for each body area selected

Each observation can be accompanied by detailed notes, explaining what has been seen or done, and how the care worker will help the client in terms of pain management or mobility.

This empowers care workers to discreetly raise any issues with Office Staff, or to report on the progression of a known issue.

These notes will be tied to the specified body area, and to the report, allowing for issues to be tracked and monitored in sufficient detail.

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Care worker handover

Care workers can review each other's notes, in the 'recent visits' section of the client profile, which will include any body map observations left.

This enables a rehabilitation plan to be put in place and followed, as each care worker can see the action taken by others.

A mini body map shows the areas of the body reported on during a previous visit, making it clearer to identify if an issue is new, or has been observed previously.

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Office reviews and follow up

After each visit, Office staff will see a clear picture of each body area selected, and the associated notes.

They can then take the necessary action to prevent a condition worsening, or to alert key contacts about recovery.

'Agency notes' can also be left on each report to keep everyone informed of the actions taken.

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