How can OnCare's care planning and record keeping software help you?

Instant and up-to-date care record visibility

OnCare digital care plan software provides home care agencies with the ability to create electronic client profiles and upload care plans that set out clear tasks and goals.

All activity can be logged and tracked automatically at every client visit, including medication administration, incidents, risk areas and safeguarding issues.

Care managers can easily and instantly monitor and assess real-time care information, identifying any changes or potential risks that may require further assessments or changes in service delivery.

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Coordinate care records and notes

Care notes and records can be updated and shared instantly with all members of the care team, ensuring effective handovers between care workers.

Friends and family members can also be kept in the loop with nominated individuals receiving real-time alerts from each care visit.

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Deliver outstanding person-centred care

OnCare is designed to provide care managers and their care teams with the tools to deliver truly person-centred care, which is tailored to the individual needs and goals of the person receiving care.

At the touch of a button a care worker can access full care records and notes, enabling them to fully understand their client's needs. This can help care workers and their clients to build strong relationships, positive experiences and together achieve outstanding care.

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Personalised visit types

Create tailored 'visit types' to personalise the care given to each of your clients, stating the activities and tasks required on each different visit.

Help notes can be added against each task to explain the specific needs of the client to your care workers, and if any important activities are missed the care workers will be prompted to review the report before checking out.

Visit types can also be linked directly to the schedule, so care workers can see the types of visits they'll be attending straight from the schedule.

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Access records from any location

The OnCare mobile app enables care workers to access client records remotely through password-protected, encrypted logins.

Care notes can be updated at a client’s house or on the go, even when there’s no reception. Any changes made ‘offline’ (without connection to the network) can be saved and uploaded later once the care worker has a connection again.

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Care worker records and documentation

Create a profile for every member of the care team and record contact details, qualifications, references and DBS checks.

Manage any client care restrictions and other HR-related information all in one place.

Store records on a secure and encrypted cloud-based system

When you enter information in to OnCare, you can be assured that your care records and notes are securely backed up to our cloud servers and can only be accessed with individual staff and care worker logins, additional care worker passcodes, and online-banking levels of data encrypted security.

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