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Video testimonial

Newham Living Well Locally with Buurtzorg

A video showing how Newham Councul used the Buurtzorg model of care delivery and how OnCare empowered them to do it.

Switching to a new system

The Westminster Society

We found that with handwritten notes, staff might miss important details, not include enough information or run out of time to finish them. In contrast, some employees provided too much information, adding more time to each visit! Before moving to OnCare, the storage of our notes was a real problem, as legally, we have to keep them for a certain period of time. Now the process is so simple, as all relevant care information is logged automatically on the system!

The reason we moved to OnCare was because we needed something that was simple and easy to use, capturing exactly what staff had done with each client. Now we’re providing more outreach work, we found that making staff come back to the office to write log books just wasn’t an efficient use of time, especially when OnCare provides such a portable solution.

Diagonal Alternatives

We were using another online system previously, which was complicated and unreliable, with frequent connectivity issues during client visits. Also, we needed two separate systems, which is difficult to coordinate. By moving to OnCare we hope to put everything on one platform, making the care delivery process that much easier to manage.

Improving care quality

Grace Integrated Care​

Extract from the CQC Inspection Report, which saw Grace Integrated Care moved from a 'Requires Improvement' to a 'Good' CQC rating:

The provider, since the previous inspection, had introduced an electronic system which staff accessed via an App on their mobile phone. The system means enables staff to record their arrival and departure time to people’s homes. The system also provides access to people’s care plans and requires staff to record the care they have provided, including a note as to the person’s well-being. The electronic records can be accessed immediately by the registered person and registered provider. It also means they would be alerted if staff did not arrive at the person’s home to deliver care. This would enable the registered manager to act by ensuring the wellbeing of the member of staff and updating the person receiving care of any delays.

Laurel Leaf Support​​

Extract from the CQC Inspection Report which saw Laurel Leaf Support move from a 'Good' to an 'Outstanding' CQC rating:

There was a strong emphasis on continuous improvement and there was evidence available that the team continuously looked for and created innovative ideas on how to positively influence people’s lives and how to adapt the service delivery to the changing needs of people receiving support. For example, the provider introduced a new electronic system that allowed them to monitor support delivered to people centrally. This was a significant investment and the use of technology meant the registered manager was able to monitor the records centrally, from the office. The system also enabled the relatives, where appropriate, to access the live records of the person’s progress and well-being status. The registered manager explained this transparent approach provided additional peace of mind but also acted as another pair of eyes to ensure the service provided met people’s needs.

Keeping staff and clients happy

Banyan Home Care Services​

We’ve had very positive feedback from our staff who are using the OnCare app. Care workers joining Banyan Care frequently comment how quick and easy it is to use compared to other online systems and handwritten notes.

As a management team, it’s amazing to know when staff have logged in and out of a visit and be able to access a summary of exactly what’s happened on every shift. From an employee perspective, our care workers can access the care plan online rather than coming into the office, which is a huge efficiency improvement. Reviewing the care notes before a visit also helps keep staff informed of our clients’ changing needs for improved care delivery.

Assured Care​

Even our older care workers have picked up the OnCare system well, mainly because it’s so straightforward to use.

Clients [also] seem to take a real interest in the app, acting as a point of conversation during our visits. Some are amazed that we can write our notes and share that information with colleagues, all from our phones! This engagement in the care process is wonderful.

Saving time and money

Diagonal Alternatives​

The main benefit we’ve noticed when using OnCare is how easy it is to access client information and the fact that we can see tasks being completed in real-time. Previously, we had to rely on phone calls and emails from our care workers, but now, alerts can be raised easily, recording incidents like falls or GP phone calls. We’re very hot on our audit trail at Diagonal Alternatives and OnCare allows us to closely monitor the care we deliver.

Sussex Empowered Living​

We perform approximately 30 visits a week and this saves on average 15-20 minutes per visit.

The Westminster Society

A huge amount of time is saved using the OnCare system – I would say as much as ten minutes per client! When care workers can use the app between visits, those time savings really add up during the course of a day.

Working smarter

The Westminster Society

OnCare is perfect for data analysis. It’s been amazing to highlight patterns and review our care delivery systems. For example, we now know where clients are refusing support or medication, the number of visits completed and the amount of care worker contact they need. In the future, such auditing could help us modify our service delivery, such as the timing of visits, to better accommodate the needs of our clients.

Banyan Home Care Services

Using OnCare has shaped the way we deliver care by making us more streamlined and efficient. If we discover that a client’s needs have increased through the real-time alerts, it can influence the care worker we choose to send in, thereby improving our service!

The OnCare system [also] helps us protect important client data. In addition to the normal phone security, every member of staff has their own passcode, while the platform logs you out automatically due to inactivity, making it very safe to use.