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Save time and money by replacing paper with digital records, and achieve higher CQC ratings.

Care agencies

Care workers

Report on client visits with just a few taps, freeing up time to spend with clients.


Text messages on every visit gives family members peace of mind that their loved ones are in good hands.

Data privacy

We’ve made it our priority to keep your data and your clients’ data safe and secure. 

All client records are kept behind secure login so only those with the right permissions can see them, and all your data is stored in secure data centres where we encrypt all data in transit and at rest.

If the worst should happen, and a care worker loses their phone or has it stolen, we have a number of security features to make sure no one else can access your clients’ information, even if the phone is unlocked.

We can help you to remain GDPR compliant and believe data security is important, which is why we’re proud to list it front and centre on our website.

What people are saying about us

“We cannot tell you enough how impressed Vickie and I am with the app, and what it has done and will do for our business” 

- Ian, Registered Manager, Helping Hands

"I would highly recommend OnCare to any care provider, it has become a fantastic way to improve our service on many different levels."

- Christopher, Manager, 

Laurel Leaf Support

"We have seen a large increase in staff productivity as a direct result of the time-savings made whilst completing daily contact notes."

- Nicolas, Managing Director, Sussex Empowered Living

 "The team are spending much less time travelling back to the office just to deliver paperwork, and what’s being recorded is far better than what was being recorded before”

- Tim, Head of Adult Services, The Westminster Society

"The OnCare system has been a decisive factor in securing two new clients. We're very impressed!"

- Polly, Manager, 

Complete Care Devon

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