OnCare helps care agencies and care workers spend less time on paperwork and more time on what really matters - delivering amazing quality care.

Get up to speed quickly

Care workers have all the information they need about their clients in an easily digestible form, whenever they need it.

Save time on every visit

With a few simple taps care workers can report on their visits, freeing up more time to spend with their clients. 

Stay informed

Care workers can see notes left by other carers on previous visits.

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OnCare helps care workers

Save money and time  

No more paper reports means no more storing and archiving and storing large volumes of paper.

See what's happening live 

Agencies can see all reports from their care workers happening in real time, and be alerted to any issues before they become complaints.

Manage their people  

Connect carers to only the clients they need to see; and choose whether to invite a client’s family to join their account.

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OnCare helps care agencies

Feel reassured 

With text messages after every visit, family members can rest easy that the carer turned up on time and provided high quality care.

Learn more about their loved one’s
care workers

Carer worker profiles help families know
who's visiting and their background.

Stay closer to their loved ones’ care
Families can see details of each visit and be alerted to issues early.

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OnCare helps families
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